About Us

Expedited Delivery

Wound Management can reach 94% of the U.S. in 1 day, and most others on in 2 days.

No Up Front Costs

Wound Management never asks for co-pay or deductible payments prior to shipment.  We file all necessary claims, and we'll let you know if a balance is due after all insurances have paid.

Clinicians On Staff

Having clinicians on staff  helps us better understand your business-and most importantly provide your patients with the highest level of service.

No Formularies

Our philosophy is that our bottom line is NOT more important than providing quality, brand name medical supplies to our customers.

Efficiency Improves Patient Outcomes and Reduces Healthcare Costs

Argencis employs state of the art technology and order automation to reduce errors and provide patient’s with a 99.9% accuracy rate.  Additionally, we have a back order reduction system in place that enables us to boast a 96% order completion rate. Our goal as the supplier is to improve patient outcomes, and healthcare costs for customers.  Argencis' efficiency allows patients to start treatment immediately and reduces calls their referring clinician with order related problems.

Order Accuracy
Order Completion

Our business is patient focused, our processes are centered around our customers, and that's why we are the best in the industry.

- Dale Murdock. CEO, Wound Managment.